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Discussion and tutorials based on surreal, avantgarde and similar with prompts, techniques and general discussion.

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Surreal Writing Prompts About Ordinary Objects: A Journey into Unconventional Fiction

Writing prompts can be an invaluable tool for writers of all levels. First, they provide a creative spark that can help writers break through any creative blocks or slumps they may be experiencing. Writing prompts offer a fresh perspective that can help writers see their work from a different angle and make it more dynamic. Secondly, prompts help writers stay disciplined and motivated, as they provide a specific goal or task to work towards. Writing prompts can help writers challenge themselves and push their ideas further, enabling them to produce more creative and high-quality work.

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How to Write a Surreal Dream Sequence

Writing a surreal dream sequence can be an exciting and creative way to explore the imagination and tell a unique, captivating story. Surreal dream sequences are full of symbolism and surrealism, allowing your readers to interpret the dream in a unique and personal way. Here are some tips on how to write a surreal dream sequence.

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